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Markets & Investments

Alternative Financing – What that banks can’t do! – As Diversified Cash Flow Specialists and members of the American Cash Flow Association, we work with more than 400 funding sources. This allows us flexibility to provide the best price and the ability to find the right match for your needs.

Big Charts – This site offers interactive financial quotes, charts, and reports.

Bridenstine & Associates – Providing high quality advice for your insurance and investment needs. Representing many different companies including many different types and plans of insurance and investments.

CNN Financial Network – CNN sponsors this financial page.

ClickIn – This site contains market research, surveys, and opinion polls.

FalkerInvestments Inc. – Minneapolis-based equity securities and mutual fund investment adviser. Money manager investing in economic value added EVA stocks using the intrinsic valuation financial modeling of Graham & Dodd and Warren Buffett.

Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis – The Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis is part of the Federal Reserve System, our nation’s central bank.

First State Bank of Wyoming – First State Bank of Wyoming has been a vital part of the Wyoming community for many years, and has played an important role in the growth and prosperity of the area.

H and S Software – This firm offers investment and analysis software for real time trading on Wall Street.

Harvest Land Financial – Harvest Land Financial provides agricultural financing for an operating line of credit, a new piece of equipment, a new dairy or swine operation. We also have other divisions that can provide low interest rate loans, real estate loans, etc.

Insurance News Network – Minnesota – This site provides introductions to the subjects of auto, home, and life insurance with specific information on these topics.

MarketScience – MarketScience can help you see where the markets and the economy are going.

Minneapolis Grain Exchange – Minneapolis Grain Exchange provides information about this exchange, including information on group tours and mock trading sessions on the actual trading floor.

Minnesota Money Manager – Minnesota Money Manager specializes in financial news, including highlights of Minnesota market conditions.

Norwest Advantage Funds – This is the home page for the Norwest Advantage Funds family of mutual funds

Pioneer Press 100 – is a rating of Minnesota publicly trading stock.

Primerica Financial Services – Primerica offers financial solutions via their complementary Financial Needs Analysis.

Project Research, Inc. – This site contains photos of “the region’s only state-of-the-art usability lab,” plus information on the marketing research services from Project Research, Inc.

Quotes and Portfolio – Find updated stock quotes throughout the day at Quotes and Portfolio.

Sound Money – The Sound Money crew offers insight on the latest financial trends and every investment topic.

Stock Quotes [] – The Star Tribune provides stock quotes, market reports, business news and more.

TradeAlert – TradeAlert provides news that has potential immediate impact on stock prices.

USA Today – Money – USA Today sponsors this financial page.

Van Ahn & Company – Van Ahn&Co.;,Alexandria MN,offers a broad range of investment,marketing strategies,and brokerage services. Grain&livestock; marketing and production experience will assist agricultural producers from small producers to large commercial farming.