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The construction industry in Norway is booming

The construction industry in Norway is booming

Never before have there been so many in Norway renovating their homes. What could be the reason? Mainly, it is this: a lot of people sit in home offices and get a desire to change things. 


Change is tempting when working from home

After the entrance of the corona pandemic, a large number of Norwegian residents have started working from home. This has had major consequences for the construction industry and dealers who sell building materials. 


At the beginning of 2020, building material retailers and contractors experienced a decline in sales revenues, which was probably due to the fact that people had great challenges in adapting to the new corona situation. 


Eventually, however, a complete reversal took place: construction companies saw a sharp increase in demand for their goods and services and a record high turnover. “What is going on?” they thought. When more and more customers came and said that they were sick of how their homes looked, however, it became clear what had happened: people had spent so much time in their home office that what used to look perfectly fine, now became unbearable. The conversations could go something like this: 


“Frank, it has been several years since you said you would do something with that garage door. It has been grimy and ugly ever since the neighboring kids threw snowballs with stones on it.” 

“Well, okay then, Martha – now that everything is in lockdown anyway, and there is nothing else to do, we can probably fix that gate.” 

Frank and Martha go to the local building materials store to buy a new carport, and to Frank’s great dismay, Martha quickly notices other things she wants to buy for the house. 

“Oh, look at that terrace – it’s absolutely beautiful! And the old one we have is starting to get worn out, and I’m so sick of it. You’ll fix a new one, won’t you Steinar? Think how stylish it will be!” 

“Aw, I think we’ll need a carpenter to do that – I don’t want to screw things up. Why don’t we ask our local carpenter to come and see how they would build our new terrace?” 

And so it continues. 


But it is not only worn and old parts of the house that get a real renovation; there are also many residents in Norway who choose to refurbish sections that are perfectly ok, sometimes only 5-10 years old. They get so inspired when they talk to the neighbor who has gotten a self-flushing toilet, an automatic lawnmower, or a brand new porch. 


There we have the reason why a record number of people are renovating their homes in why the construction industry in Norway is booming. People simply get tired of their homes by being there much more than usual.