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Latest Update From Our Blog

What job seekers should look for in potential employers

What job seekers should look for in potential employers


We previously wrote an article on what apprenticeship companies look for in trainees. Now it’s time to flip the perspective, and see what criteria the companies should meet for job seekers.

Before you take a job offer, you should do your research. You should look at the company, their values, and their goals. You should ask yourself if this is the kind of company that you want to work for.

You should also look at the people that work there. Are they happy? Do they seem like they enjoy what they do? Do they seem like their jobs are fulfilling to them?

Once you have put your potential employers under the scrutiny of these questions, you will be more prepared to make an informed decision as to which of them you would most like to work for. To help you in this process, we have listed a few of the main things you as a job seeker should look for.

What should you look for in a company?

On a basic level, the best companies are usually the ones that have a good culture, where employees are happy and motivated. They also have a good work-life balance and enable their employees to grow.

On a deeper level, the companies that fulfill these goals to the utmost, are those that have a higher purpose and meaning behind their operations. In simple terms, they have a reason for what they do – a reason that goes beyond self-interest, and performs some important service for the public good. In turn, their employees are also infused with a deeper meaning in their work.

Some examples of publicly meaningful businesses include those that:

  • contribute to the environment
  • contribute to improving the local community
  • contribute to charity, directly, or to the work of charitable organizations

These types of companies often intend to spark a change in attitude towards the better. One such company is Norway-based Flexistore. They provide self-storage solutions, with an aim to both digitize the industry, while also contributing to the environment through active storages that “encourages a more sustainable attitude towards your assets,” as they say on their “about” page.

How to conduct research on potential employers

Asking the right questions while doing company research will help you make a more informed decision. It is important to know what kind of company culture you are going to be working in.

There are many tools that you can use for company research. Some of them include Glassdoor, LinkedIn, and Indeed. Here, you can get your hands on statistics, connect with employees in the companies you consider working for, and get a better view of these companies as a whole. Another thing you should do is go directly to their website, if they have one. There, you will often find clues that tell you what they are about, how they do things, and the contribution they want to make for the public good.

How to tell if your potential employer is a great company

Great companies are not just a place to work, they are a place to grow and learn. They provide opportunities for their employees to develop themselves and help them grow.

If you want to know if your potential employer is good company, you should ask yourself these questions:

  • Does the company have a strong sense of community?
  • Is the company innovative?
  • Is the company transparent?
  • Is this a place I can see myself working, 5 years from now?

The answers to these questions will, as we stated in the introduction, make it easier for you to decide what company you would like to work for. 

What apprenticeship companies look for in trainees

What apprenticeship companies look for in trainees

What do apprenticeship companies look for when they are recruiting new trainees? 

Studies show that many employers don’t care that much about grades and academic performances. They are attuned to quite other things.

Does the apprentice show up on time? Are they strong and able-bodied for the task at hand? Can they make their bed or use a saw? Do they blend well into the company culture? 

Knowing these things is important for an apprenticeship company that’s about to hire trainees. Below, we will go into some more points on the subject.

Private companies hire acquaintances

First of all, we need to name the elephant in the room: In the public sector, a lot of young people have to apply for an apprenticeship. Meanwhile, in private companies, a quite different process is taking place. 

These companies often hire acquaintances. There are several reasons for this. One is that they might feel responsible for their employees’ children or a boy in the neighborhood who needs an apprenticeship. Another is that the employer wants to have control over how the youth behaves and fits into the workplace. 

We can’t brush off the fact that many private companies hire apprentices based on who they know. But there are also other things employers look for. 

Personal qualities matter

According to a (Norwegian) article the research magazine wrote, called Karakterer er ikke viktigst for å få lærlingplass, personal qualities might sometimes matter more than academic grades: “Show up for work on time. Smile and be interested. If you do this, it doesn’t matter much whether you have an A or C in language or mathematics class.” They write this in their article 

Also, motivated apprentices are quick to adapt to the company’s work and routines. Some of them, however, need to be trained when it comes to behavioral qualities. Examples are showing up for work, being amiable and easy-going with others, as well as safety and security.

How well does the apprentice fit the company? 

SmartEmploy, an innovative Norwegian company that specializes in matching apprenticeship companies with trainees, is a big proponent of the match-up between apprentices and employers. In one of their (also Norwegian) articles for apprenticeship companies, Hvordan bli lærebedrift, they share one of their key missions. They have something they call “BestMatch profiles,” which helps companies find the trainees that “best match” their work. This way, the trainee might have the best personal qualities, and the best grades, but if they don’t match up with what’s required at work, then they won’t be matched up with this company. 

To summarize, apprenticeship companies might look for quite different things when it comes to trainees: Is it someone they know? What qualities do they have? How well do they match up with the work? 

This is a quite hopeful finding, as it acknowledges that yes, something is left up to chance (who you know), but there is also something that can be done to have a higher chance of being hired as a trainee. 

What do plumbers think about the plumbing profession in the next 10 years?

What do plumbers think about the plumbing profession in the next 10 years?
  • Who we asked
  • What challenges are plumbers facing?
  • Will plumbers be needed in 10 years?

The plumbing profession, like many other craftsman professions, is facing some quite new and different challenges that have not existed in the past. With all of the new technology and home improvements that are being made, it may make one wonder whether plumbers, carpenters, and electricians will stick around for that long. And if they will, why is that so? 

Who we asked

In order to find out what plumbers think about the future of their profession, we asked some of the plumbing companies that are thriving, and some that are facing difficulties. Two stood out in particular, and we chose them because they are stationed in big cities (which tend to provide more work projects) and because they are from quite different countries. 

The plumbing company which is struggling is stationed in New Cairo (the newer, more modern part of the Egyptian capital). For reasons related to public renown, they wanted to remain anonymous, so we will call them Plumber Cairo as we share the challenges that they shared with us. Afterwards, we will look into some of the answers we got from Bad & VVS, one of the big plumbing companies in Bergen. 

What challenges are plumbers facing?

As we got into our interview with Plumber Cairo, we realized that the plumbing profession is facing some significant challenges that can’t be dismissed. Here are some of the main things they told us:

  • Better technology is impacting the way modern homes are built
  • Higher qualitative demands mean that homes become more durable and that more is expected from plumbing companies in terms of the sustainability of water pipes and other solutions
  • The plumbing profession is in constant development, and more materials are being made to last, which decreases the need for plumbing services

The situation might seem quite dire, but Plumber Cairo is sure that they can pull themselves out of it and stay in the market. 

Will plumbers be needed in 10 years? 

When it comes to the answers we got from Bad & VVS in Bergen, the interview took on a more optimistic tone. They told us some of the reasons that plumbers will definitely be needed in 10 years and further. 

Frozen pipes: In their own words, “It’s not unusual that pipes freeze during the winter in Norway. We see that some parts of Bergen are more prone to this problem, and, as one of our customers says, ‘I could never have done without rørlegger Fyllingsdalen to fix my frozen pipes last winter! One morning I suddenly woke up without water, and needed help fast, something Bad & VVS provided me with.’”

Service: Related to the point above is people’s need for plumbing service. Many homes contain old pipes that burst, start leaking, or release an excessive amount of rust. Service works will always be needed for all kinds of plumbing problems. 

Total renovation: Being quite fond of renovating their homes, Norwegians often request the help of a plumber to make sure that they are doing things correctly, and to get help with certain processes that they shouldn’t do on their own.

So despite the challenges that many companies are facing across the world today, plumbers think that the plumbing profession will definitely be here in the next 10 years, and it’s a profession that’s here to last. 

The construction industry in Norway is booming

The construction industry in Norway is booming

Never before have there been so many in Norway renovating their homes. What could be the reason? Mainly, it is this: a lot of people sit in home offices and get a desire to change things. 


Change is tempting when working from home

After the entrance of the corona pandemic, a large number of Norwegian residents have started working from home. This has had major consequences for the construction industry and dealers who sell building materials. 


At the beginning of 2020, building material retailers and contractors experienced a decline in sales revenues, which was probably due to the fact that people had great challenges in adapting to the new corona situation. 


Eventually, however, a complete reversal took place: construction companies saw a sharp increase in demand for their goods and services and a record high turnover. “What is going on?” they thought. When more and more customers came and said that they were sick of how their homes looked, however, it became clear what had happened: people had spent so much time in their home office that what used to look perfectly fine, now became unbearable. The conversations could go something like this: 


“Frank, it has been several years since you said you would do something with that garage door. It has been grimy and ugly ever since the neighboring kids threw snowballs with stones on it.” 

“Well, okay then, Martha – now that everything is in lockdown anyway, and there is nothing else to do, we can probably fix that gate.” 

Frank and Martha go to the local building materials store to buy a new carport, and to Frank’s great dismay, Martha quickly notices other things she wants to buy for the house. 

“Oh, look at that terrace – it’s absolutely beautiful! And the old one we have is starting to get worn out, and I’m so sick of it. You’ll fix a new one, won’t you Steinar? Think how stylish it will be!” 

“Aw, I think we’ll need a carpenter to do that – I don’t want to screw things up. Why don’t we ask our local carpenter to come and see how they would build our new terrace?” 

And so it continues. 


But it is not only worn and old parts of the house that get a real renovation; there are also many residents in Norway who choose to refurbish sections that are perfectly ok, sometimes only 5-10 years old. They get so inspired when they talk to the neighbor who has gotten a self-flushing toilet, an automatic lawnmower, or a brand new porch. 


There we have the reason why a record number of people are renovating their homes in why the construction industry in Norway is booming. People simply get tired of their homes by being there much more than usual. 

Some Amazing Benefits Of Education


Education is one of the most important building blocks of life. People with a really good academic and educational backgrounds usually tend to get high-paying jobs. Attending school and doing your assignments is not exactly a waste of time. You should learn all the necessary things in schools, and you should do everything you can to apply it in real life. It will help society grow as a whole. When people are educated, they can actually contribute to their families and to the society is in multiple ways and in multiple fields as well. It will create a stable and stimulating economy and community. In this article, I will be talking about the amazing benefits of higher education.

1. Firstly, you will be creating more employment opportunities. Finding a job is not exactly easy, but when you are highly educated, you will be able to fill up some higher-level vacant positions. These positions may actually pay you a lot of money, to do the job. They will be paying you for your qualification, knowledge, skill and experience as well.

2. Secondly, you will be securing a higher income. People with higher education and a lot of experience are definitely very likely to attain some high paying expert jobs. If you study hard and if you dedicate your time and effort to acquire knowledge that will get you into a high level of competence, you will be able to lead a very luxurious lifestyle.


Your credentials will obviously get you named as a potential candidate to be a lot of value for a company which will end up paying you a lot of money. Once you graduate, you should start searching for jobs that give you the opportunity to practise what you have learned and secure sufficient funds for your future.

3. You will also be improving the economy. People with a good academic and educational background will be able to get high-paying jobs. They will be indirectly helping the economy.

4. You will be able to provide and also lead a very prosperous and happy life. Education has always secured a very high level of respect in society. This is something that will give you a comfortable lifestyle where you can educate yourself and the people around you. It will give you a lot of success and satisfaction. Your reputation will obviously get you to places, because of your education.


5. You will be able to give back to the community.

6. You will also be able to create a good and modern society. Education is obviously the key essence when it comes to modern society. One obviously needs to learn about culture, history and many other important aspects, and they will be able to contribute to modern society.