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What do plumbers think about the plumbing profession in the next 10 years?

What do plumbers think about the plumbing profession in the next 10 years?
  • Who we asked
  • What challenges are plumbers facing?
  • Will plumbers be needed in 10 years?

The plumbing profession, like many other craftsman professions, is facing some quite new and different challenges that have not existed in the past. With all of the new technology and home improvements that are being made, it may make one wonder whether plumbers, carpenters, and electricians will stick around for that long. And if they will, why is that so? 

Who we asked

In order to find out what plumbers think about the future of their profession, we asked some of the plumbing companies that are thriving, and some that are facing difficulties. Two stood out in particular, and we chose them because they are stationed in big cities (which tend to provide more work projects) and because they are from quite different countries. 

The plumbing company which is struggling is stationed in New Cairo (the newer, more modern part of the Egyptian capital). For reasons related to public renown, they wanted to remain anonymous, so we will call them Plumber Cairo as we share the challenges that they shared with us. Afterwards, we will look into some of the answers we got from Bad & VVS, one of the big plumbing companies in Bergen. 

What challenges are plumbers facing?

As we got into our interview with Plumber Cairo, we realized that the plumbing profession is facing some significant challenges that can’t be dismissed. Here are some of the main things they told us:

  • Better technology is impacting the way modern homes are built
  • Higher qualitative demands mean that homes become more durable and that more is expected from plumbing companies in terms of the sustainability of water pipes and other solutions
  • The plumbing profession is in constant development, and more materials are being made to last, which decreases the need for plumbing services

The situation might seem quite dire, but Plumber Cairo is sure that they can pull themselves out of it and stay in the market. 

Will plumbers be needed in 10 years? 

When it comes to the answers we got from Bad & VVS in Bergen, the interview took on a more optimistic tone. They told us some of the reasons that plumbers will definitely be needed in 10 years and further. 

Frozen pipes: In their own words, “It’s not unusual that pipes freeze during the winter in Norway. We see that some parts of Bergen are more prone to this problem, and, as one of our customers says, ‘I could never have done without rørlegger Fyllingsdalen to fix my frozen pipes last winter! One morning I suddenly woke up without water, and needed help fast, something Bad & VVS provided me with.’”

Service: Related to the point above is people’s need for plumbing service. Many homes contain old pipes that burst, start leaking, or release an excessive amount of rust. Service works will always be needed for all kinds of plumbing problems. 

Total renovation: Being quite fond of renovating their homes, Norwegians often request the help of a plumber to make sure that they are doing things correctly, and to get help with certain processes that they shouldn’t do on their own.

So despite the challenges that many companies are facing across the world today, plumbers think that the plumbing profession will definitely be here in the next 10 years, and it’s a profession that’s here to last.